“But I am merely doing what should have been done long ago, during the stormy flowering

of my youth, when all the countless paths seemed good, all errors as useful as the truth.”

                                                   (Mehmed “Mesa” Selimovic, “Death and the Dervish”, 1966)

Topical study trips

The ICGS strives toward a problem driven intellectual growth through integration of indoor and outdoor learning. Our topical study trips will challenge students to find purpose and make sense out of a seemingly chaotic world. In doing so, they will learn to appreciate and practically apply theoretical concepts and social science terminology as time-saving intellectual tools to enhance communication, not as abracadabras made up by bored intellectuals obscuring their social irrelevance.

Topics to be studied “on the road” include, but are not limited to: ethnic conflict, economic transition, corruption, media freedoms, authoritarianism, electoral systems, business, organized crime, war crimes, migrations and refugees, international powers’ competition for influence in the Balkans, Balkan politics in general, minority rights, consociationalism and democracy, identity politics, etc.

The length of “Topical Study Trips” varies depending on the plans and ambitions of students and their home institutions.

In general, all students enrolled in a full-semester program with the ICGS should attend one topical study trip lasting four to seven days during a semester.

Special topical study trips

Some institutions may opt to partner with the ICGS in arranging special topical study trips with the duration ranging from one to six weeks throughout the year. For example, a special topical study trip focusing on media freedoms may take two weeks and involve visits to Budapest (Hungary, EU), Belgrade (Serbia) and Zagreb (Croatia, EU) to include meetings with journalists, government officials, opposition leaders, local NGO activists and international organizations’ officials.

The ICGS encourages colleges and universities interested in tailoring such programs to reach out and propose both topics of interest and duration of study trips. The ICGS will then work with our international partners in designing optimal itineraries for students to both reach their educational goals and keep them safe.