Students are welcome to apply for internship positions within the ICGS, as well as to suggest an internship with a Belgrade based institution not on the list, but identified as fitting student’s interest.

Furthermore, it is up to students to propose the length of internships (from one week to 6 months), while receiving institutions will accept or reject the proposal. Once students and receiving institutions match, ICGS will initiate setting the logistics (visa and accommodation). 

Internships are usually not paid, though there may be exceptions.

While it may be easier for students speaking Serbian (Bosnian/Croatian) and Albanian to find an internship, students speaking “strategic languages” such as Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Russian, Chinese and Spanish are also encouraged to express interest. While speaking the above-mentioned languages is a plus, basic fluency in speaking, reading, and writing English is required. 

The ICGS cannot guarantee any internship placement in advance. However, some institutions have expressed interest in having ICGS students for interns. These include: