The International Center for Governance Studies (ICGS) is a growing community of social science scholars and public policy practitioners based in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2018, the ICGS is a response to regional students’ demand for modern social science studies and to international students’ demand for deeper immersion in the politics, history, political economy, and governance of the Balkans. Both demands have been recognized over the many years of teaching and policy experience of our faculty members. Hence, the ICGS offers carefully crafted study trips and high-quality semester long programs to domestic and international students in the Balkans.


Dr. Pennington’s Lecture on  Linguistics and Politics

Dr. Pennington’s Lecture on Linguistics and Politics

Dr. Josh Pennington presented his research on elements of jingoism in language policies as reflected in post-Yugoslav grammatical handbooks. Pennington showed how many of the generally poor/ad hoc grammatical explanations of many of these handbooks are due to an...

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